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There is no denying the studies, polls and experts:

Consumers prefer credit and debit cards to make small and large purchases—and that includes a less-than-ten-dollar item from your pro shop, monthly tuition payments, and thousands of dollars in cash-outs or down payments to enroll in your upgrade programs.

Those same studies, polls and experts have revealed that merchants, who give their customers more choices of payment methods, can expect to gain new customers, increase revenues and improve customer retention. That’s another edge you need as a small-business owner to maximize the number of “pillars of profitability” that support the growth of your martial arts school.

New NAPMA Merchant Services Program boosts profit potential for members, Martial Arts Professional Magazine Readers and Mile High Karate franchisees.

NAPMA’s new Merchant Services Program will give you that edge. Developed with a leading provider, this program is available to members AND all Martial Arts Professional readers AND Mile High Karate franchisees.

The benefits are immediate—as much as 15% savings in monthly processing costs—and that could easily equal thou-sands of dollars per year!
The program is more than credit and debit cards. It includes a wide variety of services that will make customer transactions even more convenient for them and profitable for you. Offer your customers a full-service gift card or loyalty program, which are proven alternate profit sources and retention boosters.

Protect yourself from bad checks with check guarantee and check conversion services. If you are already accepting credit and debit cards, then ask NAPMA for a Rate Review that will detail your savings when you switch to NAPMA’s new merchant services program. NAPMA will also help you customize your merchant services program, with a range of credit card terminal systems. As a retailer, you need convenience and speed at the point of “swipe,” since many, if not most, of your customers make their payments “face-to-face,” in your school. You may also want to consider a more sophisticated point-of-sale system, with integrated processing, that will improve the management of your inventory, especially if you have a large pro shop.

You can also choose from mail order/phone order systems, Internet/e-commerce solutions and wireless connection if you’re a “merchant on the go.” NAPMA knows it must continue to grow to help you grow your school, which is why the new merchant services program—and many other recently added, continuing education and support programs—make a NAPMA membership so valuable and a primary driver of your success.

Once you experience the many benefits and savings of NAPMA’s new merchant services program, as a non-member, you’ll want all the benefits of a Maximum Impact member. Visit for all the details, including a FREE School-Growth Bonus Package worth $2,310.12!

NAPMA Value Bundle Overview

  • Lower rates: Expected savings of 10-15% monthly processing costs could equal real savings of thousands of dollars.
  • Free terminal: A state-of-the-art PCI-compliant terminal at no charge to you. Supports gift cards, PIN debit and check service.
  • Gift Cards: A full-service gift card (loyalty program), including custom gift card development and deployment. CheCk solutions: Check guarantee and check conversion services.
  • Cash advance: Cash advance on your merchantaccount to capitalize marketing and growth objectives.
  • Complimentary rate review: For members who are already accept credit cards, we’ll perform a savings and cost analysis on your current service provider.
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Saved us $1,200 per year

  • “NMB took the time to understand our needs, made the process easy, and saved us $1,200 per year.”
    Dinoto Karate, Michael Dinoto

Private branded gift cards

  • “The NAPMA Merchant Account Value Bundle from NMB saved us money, and the private branded gift cards are fantastic.”
    Mile High Karate, Doug Mooney

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